Nobel Perpsepctives LIVE

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Ask the questions that #CantBeGoogled. For Swiss bank UBS, this line was controversial. It jarred. It was meant to.

Promoting a one-off interactive event featuring four Nobel Laureates in Economics, the concept worked perfectly. Intriguing, inviting and challenging. In one sentence, we gave the event a real purpose. Questions that are too important for one dimensional search results? They’re questions you’d want to hear a panel of Laureates discuss.

Asking these questions were a select group of Economics students. We gathered their questions at every touchpoint – registration, social, competitions, flyers, local market influencers, live stream. They were also targeted, then re-targeted, through Facebook and Instagram. These programmatic posts really did their job; the theatre was rammed with inquisitive minds. There was also a global audience watching on Facebook Live. After, we produced 10 short ‘In 60 Seconds’ content films themed around the most crucial, popular debates.

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